Padawin is the story of two brothers rocked by analog synthesizers and a strong music culture. In 2005, Erwin embarks on his first experiences with sound machines firmly supported by the talents of Alix to the drums.

Originaly based on Dub mix and Drum’n’Bass, Padawin has evolved to incorporate influences like Jazz, Hip Hop and Bass Music. Electronic carousel where crystalline melodies featured on the evil bass groove.

The group now offers a fascinating musical universe constantly changing, opening sound space to the intervention of musicians (brass, strings, horns, etc.) to be able to face with the same richness in the cozy atmosphere of underground clubs or in festivals.

Padawin released his first album called "Atlatis" in January 2014. You can have an ear on it following this link :

The band plays now with four musicians : Erwin and Alix Pilot, Simon Remaud (guitar) and Madeline Ardouin (electric violin). A serious live experience that led Padawin to play on stages like Appareil Exotic (Toulouse alongside Jazz Steppa), Festivals Interférences (Paris) or Les Hommes Verts (Tours) ...

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