Eb Kaito is undoubtedly one of the strongest representatives of the Belgian turntabliste scene. In a passion fueled by the love of Bboying, a unflagging interest for vinyl and the attendance of the most famous rendezvous club culture in Flatland, he developed a unique flow in its achievements on the decks.

Major international competitor, Eb Kaito handled with the same ease influences Hip Hop and House who forged his musical education and electronic sounds (Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap, Drum’n’Bass). Half of the duo Skillz machine, it is shown in championships in the crew CRS (with Rémon Jr.) as well as alongside DJ Odilon at a special show presented in the first part of Seyfu, Jedi Mind Tricks, Psy 4 De La Rime or Dilated Peoples.

Since the drum of his adolescence, Eb Kaito always keep a curious eye on the Computer Aided Music, but it was not until the mid-2000s to finally see dip in production. Two EPs have already emerged in 2013 (Dubstep and Trap Music), and several collaborations with English artist Owen The Saint. We finally found the Eb tab kaito on multiple loopers (Dee Amok 1 & 2, Dirty Deeds 2 Christmas Looper 2-5, etc.).


IDA World 3rd Place
DMC Belgium Vice Champion
IDA Belgium Champion
Beat4Battle Belgium Cup Champion

DMC Belgium Team Champion
Scratch4life Champion
WTK Vice Scratch Champion

IDA Belgium Vice Champion
Underground Scratch Contest 3rd Place

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Les Dents de la Meuse
Bass To Mouth vol.03
Bass To Mouth vol.2
Bass To Mouth
Summer Drumming 2013
IDA WORLD 2012 Show cat.
IDA WORLD 2011 Show cat.
Titi Twister
Skillz Machine