In 1992 there was a revelation, he falls in love Turntablism (which had not yet name at the time) and decided by all means to get to the discipline (we’ll spare you the episode of dismantling the hi-fi family to paste a mixer).

1994: Meeting with Larsen allows it to have access to professional equipment and a disco classic consequent enabling it to forge serious musical bases. After several years to train solo, he meets the Magicut Store DMC Charleroi held by DJ Joss, there is formed the Atomic Fader Crew which will be distinguished by a team win the Coupe de France DMC 1999. same time, it traverses repeatedly linguistic border collaborations with the collective Killa Tactics: mixtapes, evenings and early parts of memorable concerts (Pharao Monch, Cash Money, Francofolies de Spa, Silo, etc..).

At the beginning of the new millennium, it deviates a bit from the stage to focus his athletic career and get closer to the culture of custom to become the official DJ crew with Pro-rider who will be a long way before suspend its activities for family reasons in 2006.

2011: Back in the game and return as a spectator turntablistes various competitions in Belgium (DMC, IDA, Beat 4 Battle Cup). He participated in numerous sessions scratch the Pipol house, and eventually offered to become a full member of the Pipolass in 2013.

Meanwhile, he returned to competition at the Scratch Cup, he met rapper Sempai and Pentothal Prod platform for which he became the official DJ, and first steps in production.

2013: Self performs several concerts with Sempai (Rumor, Convok, Hayce "playback" Hemsi, etc..) And member of the jury in several national competitions Turntablist.

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