Owen The Saint

Owen The Saint

From Belgium to England, there and back , Owen The Saint’s music beholds the richness of the people born between two cultures. Without mentioning his father, Rock’n’roll musician in the 60’s that has stood by him all the way through his musical career.
He landed back in Brussels in 1998, where he quickly became involved with the upcoming Drum and Bass scene that he probably influenced on the way. The journey this took him on, made him the Junglist we know today. That plus the British blood running through his veins, it defenetly helps too. At the time he was on most D&B flyers in Brussels. Spinning vinyl was his way of life. Owen is a social animal insatiable of collaborations, remixes, co-operations and sharing, including working with traditional musicians.

Then naturally came his own music productions. His first tracks leaned mostly towards Jungle, but he quickly opened up his horizons to any musical domain that he could place a beat on : Trip Hop, Ambient, Breaks, Dubstep, Halftime an beyond. To eventually come back to his first love : The Amen Break and the Reese Bass. The evidence lies in six albums full of "Rollers" oozing the UK style without a doubt. All this appeared since 2012 on the label that he co-manages Tailwhip Records.

On the side he also has another love "Arcade games", this would bring him to naturally to integrate the codes, the imagery and the tools found in video games in his music and live perfomances. This and the music is what would bring him closer to the Pipolass, to eventually join the collective in 2019.

© Text : Reverend D.
© Photo : Djanii Scholt / Biz-Art Graphique

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